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  1. Wet scrubber


    I search for experts for wet scrubbers specially venturi scrubber.
    Persons or companies who has worked in this field, please contact with me.

    Thanks in advance

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    Good Morning , we have experience in design , fabrication and install of wet scrubber systems. we did flue gas desulfide systems , scrubbers for steel industry (Induction furnnace ) , food industry (Tea dC) , battery manufacturing (Lead) . etc

    so we can give maximum support for design of wet scrubber systems , its need sufficient knowledge of physics and fluid dynamics

    you have to calculate Cunningham Slip correction factor , throat velocity , throat size , pressure drop , efficiency , L:G ratio etc, - for venturi scrubbers

    infact so you have idea of spray nozzles , full cone type , hollow type etc, and pump control systems

    if you need further details , you can drop a mail ,
    chears , have a good day


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