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Thread: Maximum Slope of Overland Conveyor where Maintenance Trolley can run smoothly

  1. Maximum Slope of Overland Conveyor where Maintenance Trolley can run smoothly

    Dear Experts

    Conventional Design of Long Distance (Overland) Conveyors use walkways attached to the Elevated Structure to provide maintenance access. Using a self-propelled Maintenance Trolley, that moves on the Conveyor Galleries/Structure, can eliminate the need of Walkway. The Maintenance Trolley can bring in appreciable savings as the cost of Walkway/Structure is very high when the conveyor length is long.

    The question here is, what is the maximum slope of conveyor gallery over which the Maintenance Trolley can run comfortably. Are there some Conveyor/Trolley installations where the slope of galleries at some stretches are upto 10 degrees?

    Any response shall be highly appreciated!


    Vishwajit Verma

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    A Non Starter Which Never Should Have Been!

    A 'self propelled' maintenance trolley raises many questions which have never been addressed over the fullness of time. The method by which motive power is supplied needs to consider what tractive effort is required to carry the maintenance equipment. This will determine the gradient ability of the vehicle in question. If the rails are wet enough then the tractive effort will be seriously compromised.

    Maintenance very often demands the replacement of weighty items which are far beyond the limit of legally acceptable manual handling requirements: so a crane should be supplied. Similarly, a ruptured belt requires that a meaningful maintenance trolley would be able to transport a full reel of belting weighing around 20 tonnes. Will your gantries carry that? Give over!

    A maintenance trolley belongs to a bygone age when follies could be ignored and self gratification was expected. If I was in the business again I would introduce microphones to listen to idler condition and remote cameras to observe other troubles. The price of such equipment is very attractive and their reliability and effectiveness exceeds that of a motley gang sitting on a remote trolley and watching videos on their mobile phones. Of course dispense with walkways: but do it properly. Mobile cranes can even be hired when required.
    John Gateley

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