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Thread: Bin mounted bag filter

  1. Bin mounted bag filter

    Hi friends

    Is there any source/book that recommend A/C ratio for bin mounted bag filters which install above bins of bentonite, limestone, concentrate iron ore? (in Pelletizing plant)

    Can we use bin mounted filter above bins without fan? what's the advantage or disadvantage?

    have you ever use bin mounted filter with A/C ratio above 2.5 m/min for those application?


  2. Bin mounted

    Dear Mr. Ohadi,

    I have not ever seen bag filter without fan above bin.
    However there are small air vent filters. I guess these filters works for systems which are completely seal which we can not reach simply in mine industry.

    We have experienced bin mounted bag filters for cement bins with the filter rate of 1.54 m/min. However I think it can be more.

    Other experiences will be appreciated.

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    Dear Mehdi Omadi,

    The usual air to cloth ratio for materials as bentonite, limestone, cement is between 1.2 to 1.5 m/min.
    The smaller the particle size, the lower the filter load in m/min.
    The filters should be pulse air cleaned and the upwards air velocity between the filters should be less than approx. 0.65 to 0.75 m/sec.

    The application of a fan is optional, but has consequences.
    The silo will experience an over pressure, equal to the filter pressure drop.
    Eventual silo leaks will generate dust, escaping from the silo.

    An overpressure in the silo (f.i. by the purging of a bulk truck will open the silo safety valve sooner, with the unavoidable dust cloud.

    Silo’s with- and without filter fans do exist.

    Have a look at:

    If I have a choice, I would use a filter fan.

    Take care

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