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Thread: Belt Conveyor Manufacturer in Mumbai

  1. Belt Conveyor Manufacturer in Mumbai

    I have one query please solved this
    Where Can I get Belt Conveyor Manufacturer in Mumbai?

  2. Hello,

    You are concerned with the belt conveyor. The belt conveyor main components are belt, idlers, drives, etc. So if you do not have direct address of belt conveyor manufacturer, then you can telephone to the manufacturer of belt, idlers, pulleys, gear boxes. They may give you the conveyor manufacturers names because such manufacturer will be in contact with the manufacturer of aforesaid important items of conveyor. Hope the information will be of help to you to some extent.

    Generally when one starts business for manufacturing of certain product, then prior to this decision he invariably makes the market research about the demand, available sources (manufacturers), scope of profit, etc. In such market research, the information you are seeking will be certainly there. So if information as per paragraph - 1 is not adequate for you, then contact the market research organisations and they will help you for the information / guidance, of course with the charges.

    Ishwar G. Mulani.
    Formerly Dy. Chief Engineer, Project Engineering, Elecon - India (for last 7 of 15 years)
    Formerly Head of Project Engineering, Krupp - India (for 16 years)

    Author of book: ‘Engineering Science And Application Design For Belt Conveyors’. Conveyor design basis is ISO (thereby book is helpful to design conveyors as per national standards of most of the countries across world). New print Nov., 2012.
    Author of book: ‘Belt Feeder Design And Hopper Bin Silo’

    Advisor / Consultant for Bulk Material Handling System & Issues.
    Pune, India.
    Tel. no.: 0091 (0)20 2587 1916

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