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Thread: Measuring standards of anemometer

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    Please give me the measuring procedure of anemometer.

    I have a anemometer with Dia 70 mm fan.
    I want to measure velocity of air in vacuum machine suction inlet, size of suction inlet is Dia 100 mm and velocity at suction point will be 30 m/s.
    is there any specific standards to measure between suction inlet and fan.
    also want to know whether size of the inlet should be increased according to the fan diameter.
    For example, my anemometer fan diameter is 70 mm and suction inlet is dia 100 mm, in this case whether i have to change the suction pipe dia or we can use the same?
    please clarify.

    Thanks in advance .

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    Talking Anemometer or Amnesia Monitor?

    Why do you need an anemometer? I used to run a high altitude simulation rig for supersonic engine conditions (1969-70). High altitude is classed as sub-atmospheric even though it is atmosphere(ic). A couple of pitot tubes did the trick all right: at least to the satisfaction of the UK and French Air Ministries. The standard we used was BS10__try 35 for starters, something "Measurement of Fluid Flow in Pipes". It is still in use in a metricated form. I remember that the flag on the tube had to point the right way: but I've forgotten which way that was.
    John Gateley

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