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Thread: Hopper and silos

  1. Hopper and silos

    My name is Wagner Dierings and I'm mechanical engineer student and I would like to ask if someone could help me with some material how about to design and calculate silos and hoppers?

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    Smile A Very Wide Topic

    Hi Wagner,

    If you search this forum you will find mention of a silo design manual/textbook which is very comprehensive.
    Also there is an Australian Standard on the topic which is very easy to understand. DIN is also reputed to be searchworthy.
    For other structural purposes you have to use the design codes appropriate to the location. Seismic influences are rightfully gaining greater recognition and explosive risk has always been prominent: especially in earlier grain and sugar ensilement.
    Material behaviour and wall friction also play their part for the operation of the silo. Often enough it becomes necessary to retrofit liners, air cannons and similar disturbing equipment to encourage outflow of material. It is advisable to check for the structural integrity of such retrofit equipment.
    Silos, bins and hoppers are not as simple as they look and this has contributed to frequent failures.
    Every success with your searches. Forum members must be wary of recommending one particular text at the expense of others. That is why you have to do your own search: with a little help along the way.
    John Gateley

  3. Silo design

    Prof Rotter's book on the design of circular metal silos is a comprehensive guide to the subject.
    Also, publishes useful guide documents on hopper and discharging feeders.

  4. Hello,

    Hoppers / bins / silos are being constructed since very long time. Please refer the civil and structural engineering text books which will certainly provide the information about the design aspects.

    The bulk material in the hopper will be exerting horizontal as well as vertical loads on the surface (walls) of the hoppers. The bulk material storage hoppers always have discharge at the bottom which is gravity assisted without need for power. There are elaborate standard by DIN about the loads. In view of the safety aspects these items are designed also taking into consideration the own national standards, if available.

    Ishwar G. Mulani
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by wagnerdierings View Post
    My name is Wagner Dierings and I'm mechanical engineer student and I would like to ask if someone could help me with some material how about to design and calculate silos and hoppers?
    The first task is to satisfy the process and project aspects of the hopper by selecting an appropriate flow regime and scale that accommodates the required capacity, generates reliable flow, prevents segregation, 'flushing' and discharges with suitable consistency of density, A guide to this and a formal hopper design procedure are available from Ajax Equipment Ltd at, who also provide a capacity calculation facility on their web site for different forms of hopper construction. Structural considerations must then follow according to the shape of the hopper to suit site and fabrication demands.

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