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Thread: pressure drop in hopper

  1. pressure drop in hopper


    We want to collect the material and store this into the 50000 Litre hopper.
    Is it possible to attach the cyclonic lid to the top of the hopper?.
    Is there any pressure drop inside the hopper as the volume is very hiegh?

    we are using 45KW root type vacuum pump having 3500m3/hr and 7000mmH2O

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    Dear Mohan,

    From your post, I understand that you have a vacuum system, whereby on top of a hopper, a cyclone is placed for material separation.

    If there is no seal between hopper and cyclone, the hopper will be under vacuum.
    If there is a seal between hopper and cyclone (f.i. a rotary valve), the hopper can be atmospheric and can be emptied during operation.

    Using a cyclone before a roots type blower is not a good idea.
    Carry-over dust will pass through the blower, causing wear to the rotors and the housing.

    A roots type vacuum pump 3500 m3/hr = 0.97 m3/sec at 700 mbar must be of the pre-inlet type.
    The calculated power for a vacuum pump 0.97 m3/sec at 0.7 bar vacuum is 94 kW, not 45 kW.
    At 45 kW, the maximum vacuum is 0.3 bar. (then a normal blower is OK).

    Have a nice day

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