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Open for Savings

Energy savings are a central topic for Lödige at the „Schüttgut Dortmund (Solids)“. An example is the High Efficiency Shovel® presented by the company located in Paderborn, Germany – a special shovel designed for the mixing of solids in horizontal Ploughshare Mixers. Compared to a standard shovel, this patented development requires less drive power. Substantial energy savings are the result.

The innovative shovel concept of the High Efficiency Shovel® – in short HES® – immediately catches the eye: in contrast to standard shovels, the solution developed by the Paderborn-based mixer experts features an opening. The latter results in a significant reduction of about 40% in the starting torque and reduces the idle power. In this way the mixer can be equipped with a motor of less power. The special efficiency of the shovel is also apparent in the operation of the Ploughshare mixer: the torque is reduced by about 10 %, enabling further energy savings.

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The HES® is suitable for industries in which heavy products are processed or where the individual particles of solid materials tend to clump – for example in the construction industry. The new shovel design combines high efficiency with the qualities of a standard Lödige shovel: the HES® is maintenance-friendly while achieving a mixing quality comparable to known systems.

Lödige at „Schüttgut Dortmund (Solids)“ – Fair Westfalenhallen Dortmund – 11.-12. Mai 2017: Stand R 54 – 6

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