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SEPCOM Conquering the Caribbean

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, December 2015
SEPCOM was introduced to the Dominican Republic at the Congress of Pig Farming in September 2015 where WAMGROUP’s Solids-Liquid Separator Press caught the interest of the event’s main sponsor, Sonapec, a supplier of equipment and drugs for pig, poultry and livestock farming with offices, warehouses and repair shops in the country’s main cities, Santo Domingo and Santiago de los Caballeros. In collaboration with Sonapec, whose nationwide service network makes them the ideal local SEPCOM® partner, the first SEPCOM Pig Vertical was delivered soon after the congress.

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Avicola Marcano is a family business from the municipal district of El Naranjal, La Vega, in the Dominican Republic. Founded more than 40 years ago by Don Miguel Marcano, the company dedicates itself to pig, poultry and cattle farming. Avicola Marcano needed to separate solids from pig manure to optimise its waste management by reducing cleaning time for their anaerobic digester of the farm’s biogas plant. As an option, the company also intended to use the separated daily solid residue as an animal feed and fertiliser supplement. Thanks to the SEPCOM Solids-Liquid Separator Press, an output of 3,000 kg of dry pig manure per day, used as an additive for cattle feed, in the meantime, has allowed for an increase of the farm’s cow population by 150.

Avicola Marcano had tried other systems in the past, but with no positive results. The extraordinary performance of the SEPCOM Pig Vertical provided a return on the investment in less than a year.

Meanwhile, WAM Latin’s reference has led to the delivery of four SEPCOM Pig Vertical Solids-Liquid Separator Presses with another three machines on order.

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