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Thread: Canola Seed Dust Explosion Testing Data

  1. Canola Seed Dust Explosion Testing Data

    Hi All,

    In undertaking area classification for a plant that processes canola seed I have not been able to find explosion test data for canola seed dust in BIA 13/97, the GESTIS DUST EX database, or other references I have consulted.

    Data is provided for Rape/Rapeseed, however, and some research has revealed that Rapeseed and Canola belong to the same plant family and, perhaps, can be treated as equivalent for the purposes of analyzing the explosion risk presented by the dust.

    Has anyone in the past considered Rape seed equivalent to Canola Seed for the purposes of hazardous area classification?

    BIA 13/97 provides for 'Rape' an Ignition Temperature 420 deg C (BAM) with moisture content 7.5% and 100% of particles < 250 um.

    I am surprised that data for Canola (meal or seed) is not provided since there are recorded incidences of explosions at canola processing plants.

    Thanks all,


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    Talking GMO Business

    Canola seems to have started life as a GM variety of Rape.
    There is no data on Canola seed but the MSDS for the oil says it is reasonably flammable, which is no help.
    You have to assume that it is the same animal as rapeseed because it is, except that the carcinogens are claimed to be eliminated in the early cross-pollination.
    That assumption covers you when the 'learned bodies' are in denial and you have done the best with the next best thing.
    John Gateley

  3. Thanks for your reply John

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