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Thread: Lime stone handling plant

  1. Lime stone handling plant


    we are in requirement of Lime stone plant of 10 TPH. Lump size vary form 15 to 50 mm. The raw material shall be received through trucks. There shall be different 4 product requirements as below:

    1. + 15 mm to -50 mm
    2. + 3 mm to -15 mm
    3. +1 mm to -3 mm
    4. -1 mm

    Please suggest how separation of 4 different products with crushing can be done. What kind of crushers are best suited for such application?

    Please also suggest best practice to handle these products?( by trucks or bags)


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    No Dust Then?

    You should read 'Mineral Processing Technology by Wills et al.'
    That will give you a grounding in the basics of comminution and sizing.
    Failure to mention the product quantities in the first place indicates that Wills or similar should be read and understood.
    Also read 'Foundations (any issue) by Martin Engineering' which will give insight into dust generation and levels.
    Then, when you know what is involved you can ask again.
    John Gateley

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