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Thread: WAMGROUP: Concrete Recycling With CONSEP 5000

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    WAMGROUP: Concrete Recycling With CONSEP 5000

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    CONSEP 5000 Concrete Reclaimers

    Lottstetten, Germany, Spring 2016 - Founded as a three-man business over fifty years ago, the Rehm Gravel and Concrete Production Company in Lottstetten, Germany, today counts over one hundred employees. Thirty-five own truck mixers and other vehicles are in operation every day to transport fresh concrete from the company’s three concrete plants to their customers. An existing aggregate reclaiming system could no longer cope with the volume of residual concrete washed out from the vehicles.

    At last, in 2015 the plant had to be adapted to current requirements. The company was then on the lookout for a reliable system that would ensure constant operational availability and trouble-free separation of the residual concrete from the washed out vehicles. During their search, Rehm became aware of WAM’s CONSEP 5000 Aggregate Reclaimer, which seemed to be a viable solution due to its hard-wearing components manufactured from tack-free SINTTM engineering polymer – features that offered considerable advantages over conventional systems.

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    In July 2015, the old system was replaced by two CONSEP 5000 units whose recycling screws separate the aggregates such as sand and gravel for re-use in production of fresh concrete. Rehm purifies the wash water on an existing filter press, which enables them to use the filtered water for washing the vehicles, as well as the preparation of fresh concrete.

    Since its commissioning, the system has been running smoothly, providing sufficient reserves for increased capacity, which is why Rehm is convinced to have made the right choice by installing the CONSEP 5000 Concrete Reclaimers.

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