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Thread: KEMUTEC GROUP INC : Kek and Gardner – UK High Court Ruling

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    KEMUTEC GROUP INC : Kek and Gardner – UK High Court Ruling

    KEMUTEC GROUP INC : Kek and Gardner – UK High Court Ruling

    Kemutec Group Inc. (KGI), a Bristol, PA, based company is the US subsidiary of the UK company, Process Components Ltd (PCL).

    Following a recent UK High Court ruling, it is confirmed that the UK engineering brands Kek and Gardner are the exclusive property of their original owner, Process Components Ltd.

    The ruling confirms PCL’s and KGI’s exclusive right to manufacture and sell its Kek and Gardner brands of industrial Powder Processing Machines and Components worldwide.

    Following the Court decision, Kason Kek-Gardner Ltd in the UK has undertaken to the Court not to infringe Process Components Ltd.’s designs or trademarks in the future.

    PCL and KGI design and manufacture Powder Processing & Handling Equipment & Components used in the Food, Chemical, Powder Coating and Pharmaceutical sectors worldwide. Its brands are Kek, Gardner, Mucon and PPS.

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    Commenting on the ruling, Tony Goodwin, Managing Director of Process Components Ltd., said:

    “The outcome of this case means we can get back to business as usual: developing and manufacturing top quality equipment. These are heritage brands - symbols of reliable and innovative British & American engineering. They have been around far longer than any of us, and it is our responsibility to build on that heritage for generations to come.”

    Process Components Ltd and Kemutec Group Inc are reassuring Kek and Gardner customers worldwide that they can remain confident of full product and after-sales support for the future: the company holds customer archives going back many decades, including custom designs, warranty information and machine blueprints.

    Tony Goodwin concluded:Kek and Gardner are part of a family of group brands that go back over 150 years. Process Components and Kemutec are known for their specialist expertise and ability in design and innovation to keep clients ahead of regulatory and technical requirements. Our research and development continues to push new boundaries in hygiene and precision to help all our process engineering clients to grow and evolve.”

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    About Kemutec Group Inc:
    Kemutec specializes in the supply of Powder Processing Equipment and Systems, Flow & Isolation Valves and Discharge Aids. Supplying under the Kek, GKM, PPS, Gardner, and Mucon brand names, Kemutec specializes in Size Reduction, Sifting & Screening, Mixing & Blending, and a range of Valves for the Food, Pharmaceutical, Environmental, and Chemical industries. Their products includes Kek Centrifugal Sifters, GKM Screeners, Kek Cone Mills, PPS Air Classifier Mills, Kek Kibbler pre-breakers, Kek Universal Mills, Gardner Mixers and Blenders, Mucon Iris Diaphragm Valves, Mucon VE Butterfly Valves, Mucon Disc Valves, Mucon Slide Gate Valves, Mucon Roller Gate Valves and Mucon Promoflow Discharge Aids.

    More information on Kemutec

    Google Search - Web

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    Kemutec on the Portal

    Kemutec is a bulk-online Leader
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