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Thread: stacking Tubes for coal stockpile

  1. stacking Tubes for coal stockpile

    Hi, Kindly let me know when to select the stacking tube system for coal stockpile system ,advantage and disadvantage over other stockpile system. In india why stacking tubes are not much used whereas in USA it is used extensively. pls advise.


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    More Pros Than Cons

    Stacking tubes were developed to reduce dust and degradation during coal stacking operations.
    If you have high stockpiles and drier product they are effective and cheap.
    If you have wet coal they are very blockable so there isn't much trying to reduce dust.
    The main feature is that they offer support to the conveyor as well as providing dust reduction.
    They are also easy to regulate since when used in series they eliminate the requirement for an overhead tripper.
    John Gateley

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