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Thread: Quick loading of FIBC into 20 foot containers

  1. Quick loading of FIBC into 20 foot containers

    Hi all forum members,

    Is there an established mechanical method of loading 10 FIBC Bulka Bags into a 20 foot container while the container is still on the trailer without using slip sheets?

    I am looking for a "one shot" container stuffer for loading FIBC bags from a loading dock. The bags will contain 2,000kg of mineral sands each and will not be able to slide inside the container. The FIBC bags are 1m square at the base and 1.2m high.

    This can be done with forklifts however we are looking for a solution that will reduce vehicle movements.

    Any useful information or directions are appreciated.

    Many thanks

    Mike Kevan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike.Kevan View Post

    This can be done with forklifts however we are looking for a solution that will reduce vehicle movements.

    Mike Kevan
    Joloda have what you need if you have the money and a way of recovering the false floor for subsequent use. It's a bit of a chocolate tea pot: they all are!
    A forklift is the only answer. If you do not use pallets then the operation becomes hazardous because there has to be somebody available to raise the loops to give fork access: probably in the dark.
    How were you proposing to handle the bags after unloading?
    John Gateley

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    Forget Joloda et al

    I read your post again and finally realised the bags will behave bags. I know. Please accept the apology.

    From your first post it seems like you are exporting concentrate because further refining facilities are available elsewhere and perhaps a local authority is not as amenable as previously promised. This happens often in mining. In any event the container loading process consists of opening the container and reversing it against the loadout device. Then loading starts and then the container is carried forward so the doors can be sealed.
    You are quoting 10 x 200 kg big bags and the dimensions quoted will fit comfortably into a 20’ container. Whether or not you use pallets is irrelevant to my recent development although I would recommend extraction on pallets always. Using a forklift for bag extraction is downright dangerous. A manufacturer of FIBC’s agreed with me on these forums. Anyway I have a system which will stuff the container in one shot without any forklift entry into the box. My system does not require any false flooring in the container but I would strongly reiterate the usefulness of pallets for extraction.

    A further assumption is that you will be extracting bags from store in readiness for shore to ship handling. For information only......Typical crane handling time is 2 minutes. Journey time is therefore a multiple of 2 minutes, per crane. If the journey takes, say, 6 minutes either way and my machine loads in 2 minutes easy then your only variable will be the container presentation period. I can load an adjacent parked container while the predecessor is driven off and sealed.

    If you are still interested in loading FIBC’s in a one shot operation please contact me further. My solution costs less, thereabouts, than a forklift.
    John Gateley

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