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Thread: is there any Environment friendly Pharmaceutical Machines available?

  1. is there any Environment friendly Pharmaceutical Machines available?

    It is our responsibility to produce Environment or Eco-friendly machines. Can we produce such any machine in Pharma Industry?

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    Roland Heilmann Guest


    Dear Lady or Sir,

    the answer is YES, and you, personally, are most appropriately placed to DO so.
    A very good start would be to include some finely tuned words shaped to transmit this very commitment into YOUR company's profile or business philosophy
    If we may be of service, a position to consider for YOU would be here:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	phare.PNG 
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    YOUR initiative would surely be warmly welcomed by a world very much in need of an ecological conscience.
    We do sincerely hope that YOU are not attempting to get advertisement "for free" by your telling-name!
    YOU are invited to stand up for your commitment.
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    Wink Friendly Pill Boxes??

    Hi Roland,

    You might have just coined the phrase 'environmentally correct'.

    For myself, I have very few qualms when it comes to telling it like it is.
    Surely a gadget for making life saving pills has to be friendly to all and sundry.
    Aren't there FDA etc rules for this activity?
    John Gateley

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