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Thread: Fine Mineral Sand Screening Application

  1. Fine Mineral Sand Screening Application

    Dear Forum members,

    I am looking for a screen supplier that can offer testing and equipment supply for a dry mineral sand screening application to be based in Malaysia. The feed is 37 tonnes per hour of mineral sand with a specific gravity of 4.5.

    The sand is washed and pre screened at 2mm and 75 micron then dried.

    The feed particle size distribution is as follows:
    Sieve size Retained %
    +710 1%
    +600 3%
    +500 8%
    +425 12%
    +355 13%
    +300 13%
    +250 12%
    +212 11%
    +180 10%
    +150 8%
    +125 5%
    +105 2%
    +75 1%
    Pan 0%

    The sand needs to be screened and produce 5 products and one fine waste stream. The screen apertures are 450 micron, 350 micron, 250 micron, 180 micron and 150 micron. The minus 150 micron is sent to waste.

    Any contacts or references would be appreciated.


    Michael Kevan
    Director and Principal Process Engineer
    Dextrait Engineering Services

  2. sand screeners et. al.

    Hello Mr. Kevan,

    You already have done most of the work, you need to decide on finding a screen supplier that manufactuers
    a screen or series of screener to do this.

    You need to contact the CEMA organization and and narrow down whether you want an elliptical screener or a horizontal screener.
    The horizontal screenis the best type for screening "dry" products where in the material can be screened slowly cutting the sand into five different cuts in series BUT you face the Komodo Dragon of Komodo Dragons if any or all of the material is wet and the primary screen is blinded and then as a result loading the 4 remaining screens further due to the primary screens becoming blinded by wet material.

    You have not told us much in the overall scheme of things in regard to sand production.

    A couple of questions before we walk further down this rabbit hole;

    What is this sand being used for? Bagged Play Sand for sand boxes? Fracking Sand?,
    Concrete Production?, Asphalt Production?, Potable Water Filtration?, Golf Course Sand?

    Is this raw product Sea Sand, Black Volcanic Sand, Bank Gravel Sand or Stone Sand waste washed from quarrying operations?

    With that out of the way, you can find many representatives that sell and supply screens
    and screen parts in the Pacific Rim Countries. You have to be willing to ship bulk sand samples to the screen supplier.

    If you had told us what the sand was being used for it would narrow down the type of screen
    you need as its very specific.

    Deciding what type of screen you need is really up to the supplier AND YOUR WALLET/BRIEF CASE/SAFE,
    as you need to send bulk samples to a screen supplier to allow them to screen several tons to get the cut(s)
    you want for your product.

    1. you need to provide us with much more information.

    Read number one.

    2. You need to help us to help us help you

    Read number two.

    Read number one.

    Read number two.

    Read number one.

    Do not expect that you will be able to do this quickly either as your rabbit hole is very big
    and the type of screen is going to depend on the quality of the raw product and its moisture
    content as all fine screens will blind from wet sand.

    You need to spend time talking face to face with screen suppliers and provide many tons of raw sand samples
    to them.

    If the product is kept at a dried state at all times in covered storage NOT TARPAULINS slow speed horizontal screens will work well for your

    client and your client will just have to decide how much is going to be spent and BE HONEST WITH THE SCREEN SUPPLIER.

    If you do not tell them everything you will regret it and you will be blamed for the problems and then you will blame them for your clients problems.

    It is fine to ask, but if you do not provide us with complete backround information you can not count on me, John, George, or Mr. Nordell throwing something against the wall and expecting it to stick.

    Read Number One.

    Read Number Two.

    Creating multiple products in four multiple screen cuts requires the four R's re-handling, repetition, re-screening, and more repetition in returning the oversize for rescreening.

    Hell hath no fury like a broken screen deck by the way when making wet or dry sand.
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  3. Dear Sir,

    I agree with the comments made by Mr. Zaharis. Once these details are clear, I suggest that you send a clear RFQ with as much details as possible to me so I can forward to my colleagues in the US for follow-up.
    Rotex has extensive experience in screening fine sand and should be able to meet your demands.
    As Mr. Zaharis explained already: testing is the magical word here. Your customer must be prepared to send samples to our testing facility.

    I look forward to hear from you.
    Kind regards,

    Freddy Holle, Regional Sales Manager


    Aston Lane North, Whitehouse Vale
    Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 3FA
    United Kingdom
    T +44 1928 706100
    F +44 1929 706119
    M +31 6 51574479

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