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Thread: Problem with Ball press roller briquette machine

  1. Problem with Ball press roller briquette machine

    Dear Sirs
    We have a Ball press roller briquette machine and we want to make briquettes of Lime and bauxite. the problem is that when we start the machine after a while the pockets (roller cells) are blocked tightly with material and they the material should be removed off pockets with a lot of force. We did send rollers to plating and coating , used gasoline and oil for lubricating but it did no help. Can anyone suggest what could solve the problem?

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    Dear Sir,

    the issue you encounter may derive from very different root causes:
    - moisture content, particle mix
    - particle size
    - particle surface / originating process
    - briquetting pressure
    - pocket design / slope angles, suface ...

    To cut a long story short, imo the best solution would be if you engage with a reputable supplier of briquetting machinery and ask the / your questions or else receive a relevant set of questions to your intended process thsat may help you forward.

    Kind regards
    Just for an example, and w/o any link of mine to this enterprise:

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    Pocket roll briquetting was always a problem for us in the salt industry and for that reason we switched to corrugated rolls and the problems as you describe went away.

    I am not saying that would be your solution and as Rowland says it is best to consult with the OEM for the best advice.
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