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Thread: Materials Handling Equipment‎ by Strommashina Corp., Russia

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    Materials Handling Equipment‎ by Strommashina Corp., Russia

    Strommashina Corp. offers a variety of material handling equipment types. Our in-house manufacturing facilities enable us to design handling equipment to the exact needs and specifications of our customers, as well as provide customers with all necessary spare parts for material handling equipment.
    Materials Handling Equipment‎ Manufacturer
    Strommashina’s engineered material handling equipment are well-set and dependable. For over 70 years Strommashina Corp. has been designing and supplying bulk material handling systems for many different industries. Strommashina Corp. offers:
    • bucket elevator
    • Belt Conveyor
    • roller conveyor
    • screw type conveyor
    • chain bucket elevator

    The Reasons to buy Materials Handling Equipment‎:

    High quality and reliability (decades of smooth operation under the Strommashina brand!)
    Low price (smoothly running production allows us to reduce manufacture costs)
    Easy to manage and maintain (no complex assemblies in an equipment allows avoiding costs of hiring highly qualified experts)

    Reliable equipment at reasonable prices!

    Take the best Price for Material Handling Equipment Now!

    Strommashina offers a wide range of equipment for export. Our main objective is to introduce state-of-the-art equipment for effective optimization and improvement of production quality. Now we are ready to give our best price for material handling equipment!

    Why Choose Strommashina as Materials Handling Equipment Supplier?

    We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality equipment for mining, metallurgical, road, building, and other industries. We’ve been custom building high quality eqiupment since 1942. Our engineering services excel at developing new equipment and complete plant solution, optimizing existing equipment and production lines, as well as turning process by-products into value added products.
    With over 70 years of experience, we can find a solution to your problem! Whether you know exactly what you need, or are in need of some guidance, we are here to help.

    Strommashina’s Strong Points

    Geographical convenience – Samara is a big transportation hub located in the middle of Eurasia. The railway sidings are part of Strommashina's Plant infrastructure. River port accessibility provides ease of connectivity to Europe and Central Asia.
    Installation supervision (comprehensive control over how equipment and production lines are installed and commissioned)
    1 + year warranty

    Have a question or need a quote? Please, feel free to Contact us!
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