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Thread: The effect of Climate Change Conference in Paris on Cement Industries.

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    The effect of Climate Change Conference in Paris on Cement Industries.

    Fuel consumption is key topic in Cement Industries, given the numerous issues involve,including cost,availability of raw materials and environment concerns.Looking after the result of the 2015 United Nation Climate Conference (COP21) in Paris,which conclude new goals in connection with stopping global warming.Cement producers and other Industrial producers will not be able to go the Easy Way Now.They will have to find out alternative fuels,process optimization including energy reduction in clinker and cement production,re use of the heat,increase in cementitious materials to substitute clinker in Cement.

    After taking the cue from Above, India has potential to wipe out 90% of the entire CO2 footprint being generated by Cement Industries of the Entire Globe and the material for the same is FLY ASH. India produces more then 300 mtpa of Fly Ash every year and this may go to 450 mtpa by next 8-10 years. Coal based power plants are going to stay for another 50 years in India,not like Europe where ,the ban on new thermal power plants are already exists and the existing one has to close down. So what shall be the Morale of this story?-India can full fill the requirement of entire world. Mega companies like Lafarge other five companies already tender their will to quit from Cement Business.

    Cheers Anil Seth--watch us on linkedin.

  2. the effect of climate change

    Dear Anil Seth:
    I am interesting for your topic. Please contact me with we can discuss this topic in China state.



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    The effect of Climate Change Conference in Paris on Cement Industries.

    Dear Charlie, I have already sent reply on your mail id.
    The latest in Fly Ash is something unbelievable---A pilot plant is already established for making sheets(suitable for front facia- An alternate to aluminium and MS sheet) and also casings/casting for small mechanical parts.I think,the amount of fly ash in India and China can feed the entire world the supply of green cement,value added products like lytag,precast wall and roofing system,mineral wool,paints,wall board and roof tiles ect.A complete DPR/Project report is available.
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