Hey guys!*

None of the surveyors likes to use a rope ladder to read offside draught marks, especially in winter time. There are a warm and life jackets, safety belt, flashlight on you and in addition - your own weight is close to 100 kg!
Is it hard? Is it dangerous?
YES, indeed!
I'm sure you are strong enough to do it, but please, save your power for your girlfriend! ☺
New equipment "Alexx" will help you to read offside draught marks from the screen of your mobile phone staying on the deck and without going down by rope ladder, zoom view and record video of vessel’s draught marks, if necessary.
SAFETY - first of all!
Please visit and estimate New equipment "Alexx" for Draft Survey:*

All your advices, ideas and notes concerning new equipment "Alexx" would be appreciated very much!*

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