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Thread: WAMGROUP: Brazilian Sugar Transshipment

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    WAMGROUP: Brazilian Sugar Transshipment

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    Brazilian Sugar Transshipment

    An affiliate of VALE Group, one of the world’s largest operators in the mining industry, VLI (Vale Logistica Integrada) of Belo Horizonte, the capital of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, manage railways, ports and terminals handling millions of tons of grain, sugar and fertilizers every year.

    In 2014 a plant manufacturer from Ourinhos, São Paulo, was awarded a project by VLI for a sugar storage transshipment plant in Guará, São Paulo.

    The plant inaugurated in February 2015, is dedicated to road and rail transshipment of sugar. The terminal having a warehouse capacity of 40,000 tons operates round the clock for 330 days per year dealing with an incoming quantity of 600 tons per hour, collected in three road hoppers loaded by dumper trucks. Outgoing material is loaded at a total hourly capacity of 1,200 tons into rail tankers via a series of highly abrasion and temperature-resistant, durable TOREX® ZG-type Loading Bellows. Each unit is equipped with two lifting cables fitted outside the material flow, raising and lowering the bellows without any cable wear. The unloaders are connected to a central dust collector.

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