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Thread: 2nd Global Boards Conference in UK.

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    2nd Global Boards Conference in UK.

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    I shall be presenting papers during,2nd Global Boards Conference, which will take place in London on 25-26 January 2016 and the topic shall be-Unlocking the Power of Fly ash and Marble waste from India by making Value added products like-Wall board,Roof tiles,Rock wool and other Value added products.

    I shall be in London from Jan 23rd 27th and would like to meet interested companies who have technologies for--

    1.Instant setting &Curing free water free water proof flooring.
    2.Rapid setting Curing free plaster mortars for plastering.
    3.Rapid setting high early strength anchoring mortars.
    4. Instant setting&Curing free Mortars.
    5.Cost effective Rapid mortars with premix agreegates.
    6.Vertical and overhead repair mortar.
    7. Instant curing free &waterproof tile adhesives.
    8.Water proof tile joint grout.
    9.Tiles based on Marble and gypsum waste.
    10. Wall board and roof tiles Fly ash based.
    11. High value Fly ash based Cement.
    12. Fly ash based Curing mortars,
    13, Binders Plant

    Best regards,
    Anil Seth
    Libran Engineering&Services
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