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Thread: Flexicon Launches 250-page Spanish Website

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    Flexicon Launches 250-page Spanish Website

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    Whitstable, Kent, U.K. - Flexicon has launched an all-new 250-page Spanish language website covering the company's full line of bulk handling equipment from stand-alone units to integrated plant-wide systems.

    The new site,, coincides with the 2015 opening of the company office in Barcelona, Spain, and the three-year anniversary of its office opening in Santiago, Chile. The company also employs Spanish-speaking Application Engineers at its USA and UK manufacturing locations.

    “The most successful projects result from an interaction between Flexicon engineers and our customers during all phases of a project, so educating our customers has always been a key element to our mutual success. Adding a significant source of information in our customers’ native language allows them to fully participate with our Spanish-speaking applications engineers in order to obtain the best outcome,” says David Gill, president.

    The new site details mechanical and pneumatic conveyors; bulk bag conditioners, dischargers and fillers; bag dump stations; drum, box and container tippers; and weigh batching systems––a total of 80 equipment configurations including integrated plant-wide systems with automated controls available to industrial, food, 3-A Dairy and pharmaceutical standards.

    More than 100 editorial articles indexed by industry, equipment and materials handled, explain how Flexicon customers solved individual bulk material handling problems.

    A total of over 750 materials handled by Flexicon equipment are listed, including free- and non-free-flowing products and blends.

    The site is also fully searchable, contains over 100 PDFs, and describes the company's full-scale test laboratories, manufacturing locations on four continents and Lifetime Performance Guarantee.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Flexicon's new 250-page Spanish-language website
    details bulk materials, industries, applications, equipment and systems

    Keywords: bulk handling equipment, flexible screw conveyor, tubular cable conveyor, pneumatic conveying, , bulk bag conditioner, bulk bag discharger, bulk bag filler, bag dump station, drum-box-container tipper, weigh batching system

    More information on FLEXICON U.K.

    More information on FLEXICON USA

    Google Search - Web

    Google Search - Images

    Flexicon on the Portal
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