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Thread: Free-Flowing Concrete With OLI®

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    Free-Flowing Concrete With OLI®

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    Free-Flowing Concrete With OLI®

    Sydney, Australia - As one of Australia’s leading heavy building materials companies and member of global HeidelbergCement Group, HANSON offers an extensive range of construction products. This includes aggregates, standard premixed concrete, decorative premixed concrete, high performance premixed concrete and a precast concrete range.

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    Hanson Truck Mixer

    In Sydney HANSON was facing a problem of flow of fresh concrete from their truck mixer chutes. To encourage the flow the truck drivers used to grab a rubber mallet. An automated solution to the problem was offered by OLI Vibrators, the Australian subsidiary of OLI®. Applying an OT 16 Rotary Turbine Vibrator on the outside of the chute made the intervention of the driver superfluous.

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    OT 16 Rotary Turbine Vibrator on Hanson Truck Mixer

    HANSON has since then made this a standard solution for their vehicles. Meanwhile, other Australian concrete producers have adopted the same solution. To this date more than 300 truck mixers are equipped with OLI® vibrators.

    OLI® is a Member of the WAMGROUP.

    More information on OLI S.p.A. Vibrator

    More information on WAMGROUP

    WAMGROUP Videos on bulk-online

    WAMGROUP is a "bulk-online Leader"
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