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    Magaldi Wins for Italy in Prestigious Awards competition

    Magaldi Industrie srl has been named as a National Champion for Italy in The European Business Awards 2015/2016: a prestigious competition - now in its 9th year - committed to supporting the development of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe.

    This award considers business operations in a social, cultural, economic and environmental context.
    Magaldi Industrie srl has been evaluated as a winning model that looks beyond legislative requirements to improve its company’s green credentials through innovation.

    In fact, since its foundation, Magaldi’s mission has been to invest in the development of innovative and dependable solutions aimed at the Customer satisfaction, the respect of the most severe environmental regulations and the total safety for operators.

    Over the years, Magaldi Group has developed a deep know-how on mechanical handling of materials at extremely high temperatures or very difficult process conditions, featuring a broad range of patented technologies able to ensure benefits like high dependability, longer service life, negligible maintenance, water and energy savings.

    Our job is so driven by the task of contributing to a sustainable growth, while supplying Customers with the best available technologies that allow saving water and coal, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, producing green energy.

    We are very proud to have been selected to represent Italy as a National Champion and we are now looking forward to the next round of the judging process, hoping to be awarded with the coveted ‘Ruban d’Honneur’ status.

    An elite panel of judges - including leading business figures, academics, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and political leaders – will examine a presentation video explaining in more depth how we are achieving business success. Furthermore, the National Champion videos will also be made public on the European Business Awards website for the public vote which will decide the ‘National Public Champions’ for each Country.

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    Magaldi is a bulk-online Leader
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