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Ponte Motta Extension Works Started

Ponte Motta, Italy, Summer 2015

More than three years after the earthquake the WAMGROUP® headquarters is facing the final part of reconstruction of the site by adding the new premises of the Group’s Italian trading subsidiary, WAM Italia, as well as a new Technology Centre including the R&D department, a training academy and a permanent exhibition.

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WAMGROUP® Headquarters in Ponte Motta with virtual future extension
of Technology Centre and WAM Italia highlighted in colour

After the approval of the project following the release of contributions to reconstruction by the Italian government, land grading began in July 2015.
The project reflects the WAMGROUP® management’s determination towards innovation and enhancement of the company’s know-how. The stormy conditions of the world economy are encouraging WAMGROUP® to become more and more flexible. Nowadays this means flexibility, not only in terms of product portfolio, but also in terms of market segments and, in connection to those, alternative distribution channels. The new Technology Centre should help establish and consolidate links amongst the Group’s companies, as well as stakeholders and customers, in order to set new targets for the future.

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