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KEITH® CleenSweep® Tarp System Automates Trailer Clean-out Process

Madras, OR, USA - Automate the trailer clean-out process with the KEITH® CleenSweep® tarp system. Used in conjunction with a KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® self-unloading system, the CleenSweep® tarp system “sweeps” out the residual material as the trailer unloads. The WALKING FLOOR® system serves as the flooring of a trailer and is a self-unloading system. This “moving floor” unloader is made of a series of floor slats, which are powered by a hydraulic drive. As the floor cycles through its phases, material is conveyed or unloaded.

Powered by a winch system, the CleenSweep® tarp extends down the inside of the trailer, with the load resting on the bottom of the tarp. As the WALKING FLOOR® system unloads the trailer, the weight of the material pulls the tarp along the floor, cleaning it as it goes. Once the unloading is completed, the CleenSweep® tarp is retracted at the push of a button.

With the CleenSweep® tarp, driver productivity and safety increase because drivers can quickly get back on the road and never need to enter the trailer for sweeping. Using the CleenSweep® tarp system is up to ten minutes faster than sweeping the trailer with a broom. Because the driver does not have to enter the trailer to retract a manual tarp or to push a broom, the risk of knee and back injuries is reduced.

A clean trailer also offers several benefits. Payload cross contamination from one load to the other is minimized.

For more than 40 years, KEITH Mfg. Co. has provided a variety of industries with reliable and innovative WALKING FLOOR® technology.

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KEITH® CleenSweep® tarp system

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