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Thread: 600 Series Mineral Sizing System

  1. 600 Series Mineral Sizing System

    We have just completed, installed and commissioned the first New Sizer designed from the ground up. This 600 Series machine was for a new application to crush hard to very soft and wet sticky material at upto 300 TPH. It was asked that this new sizer could crush all the soft, wet and sticky material, some of the hard rock which was key to the separation process but reject any real oversize, 400mm to 600mm lumps.

    We used all our knowledge, reference and design abilities to create the most up to date Mineral Sizer to work in this application. Some key features were:

    A simple to change tooth system using less fastenings. We designed and fitted our newly developed Hi-Torc-Mega Hold - Bolt less tooth system.

    Easy adjust of the rotor shaft timing gears. These are now outboard with easy access without the need to remove any motors or gearboxes. Rotor timing can be adjusted

    Modular construction. Simple components which now bolt together to form this new style of rigid construction. Low profile and heavy duty.

    Long Life wear parts. We have used some of the most modern preventive wear materials in key areas on this NHP 600 Sizer. We are concentrating more on long term wear so the customer can reduce the cost of ownership.

    Reduced power consumption. We used a more direct drive from the electric motor via a tried and tested coupling to the gearbox.This has reduced the losses experienced via a fluid coupling. Then installed a VFD ABB Drive to control the motor and rotor speeds.

    Check out the short film of this first stage of installation. 2 more sizers are now to be installed in stage 2 and 3 of this new plant.
    (Sorry, this video cannot be shown in Germany due to music rejection).

    More information on TRM Sizers

    Google Search - Web

    Google Search - Images

    TRM Sizers on the Portal
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