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Thread: Vacuum Pneumatic Conveying of PVC Components

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    nick_w Guest

    vacuum pneumatic conveying of PVC components


    I am wanting to pneumatically convey small flexible PVC parts (10x20x10mm) without any risk of damage. The only problem is I cant feed with a rotary or screw feeder as i cant guarantee the product wont be damaged on pinch points. (?) Is there another way of controller feeding apart from through an opening from the hopper?

    I am planning on vacuum pneumatic conveying in batches from the hopper (bulk storage). However, if I want to stop the flow of product and therefore stop the vacuum pump, the inclined/vertical pipework will become full up with product. I imagine this is going to introduce problems when i restart the pump. Will the product begin to flow again or will a blockage occur? Should the incline/vertical pipe be stepped up with horizontal sections so all the product doesnt fall into one part of pipe? Would introducing air bleed points in the pipe help?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Nick Williams

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    Marco Aurelio Flores-Verdugo

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    pneumatic system feed

    Yes .

    you can use a vibrating feeder , Roy marcus in South Africa used a pressurized system with a vibrating feeder , long time ago for large rock particles, this might be of use to you.

    he also used direct feed into a fan for box demolition purposes.

    Rotary feeders with wide clarances and lock hoppers can also be used if you are afraid of the possivility of pinching , or a vacumm system . it all depends how far are you going and the especific pressure drop.

    rotary tables have been used and almos any thing you can imagine , partcle attrition concersn are mostly related to bend and discharge points impact.

    Good luck


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    Dennis Hauch - Freeport, TX, USA Guest

    Conveying PVC Parts


    Vacuum conveying is the best choice because a pressure seal is not required at the material pickup point (no rotary valve).

    A vibratory feeder can be used to meter the product but a pinch valve in the material feed line might prove to be a simpler solution. A pinch valve should not damage the small PVC parts.

    Your system is a dilute-phase system which requires that the material feed be stopped and the convey line be allowed to clear before the vacuum blower is stopped.

    Convey lines should be vertical or horizontal only, avoid inclined / sloped lines. Stepped lines or booster stations are not required for your system.


    Dennis Hauch

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    nick_w Guest
    Thanks for all your advice. Some more things for me to think about.


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    It's been done before

    Transferring moulded components from storage or directly from the moulders has been done many times before by my company. A well known razor manufacturer uses our systems for just this purpose to bring all of the components to an assembly line.
    If the distances are not too far we would use a special fan powered 'soft' venturi (no airlocks etc), a selected grade of plastic transfer pipe and a final separator with no metal impact points.
    Send me your email for further deetails/contacts etc.
    If you don't believe true Low Velocity is possible ask me for a demo CD!

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