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Thread: Cartridge Filter Cleaning!

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    Cartridge Filter Cleaning!

    If any one wants to get information on how to clean and safely reuse their dirty cartridge dust collector filters. Please feel free to get a hold of me. I would also like to discuss or answer any questions you may have about this subject.

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    pleated filter cartridge cleaning

    Dear Mr Hock,

    We use pleated spun polyester pleated filter cartridges in our dust filters which carry about 10000 m3/hr of air. We use the conventional pulse jet cleaning system. Please advise is this is the normal method to clean such filters or if there is any other method.

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    Pleated Filter Cartridge Cleaning

    The reverse pulse jet method used in dust collectors is a very common cleaning method. It is designed to extend the life of the filter in the dust collector. The reverse pulse jet is semi effective at doing this job, however over time the debris build is more than the pulse can handle. The cleaning process I am talking about is the Sonic Dry Clean Process, it is a cleaning process that takes place outside the dust collector after the filter has become plugged. The Sonic Dry Clean Process uses computerized sequences of compressed air, vacuum, vibration and rotation to completely clean a dirty cartridge filter in less than five minutes. The cleaning process does not harm the filter in any way and allows the operator to safely clean and reuse his cartridge filters. Generally a good quallity spun bond filter can be cleaned twice as much as a standard paper cartridge. Let me know if you want any addtional information on this process or have any specific questions.

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    Cartridge Dust Collector

    Cartridge filters are excellent media for a Dust Collector. Properly designed Cartridge Dust Collector uses a reverse pulse-jet method to continiusly clean the media and does not require any other cleaning action. For details see . The article describes how one commonly overlooked design factor for pulse-jet cartridge dust collectors, called the filter-periphery airflow velocity, can lead to poor filter reconditioning and, eventually, a malfunctioning of the Dust Collection system.

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