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Thread: Looking for Belt Weigher Suppliers

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    Looking for Belt Weigher Suppliers

    We are a bulk material handling company based in Malaysia and looking for the following:

    1. 1000 mmBW Belt Weigher, single idler type for conveyor capacity of 800 TPH, speed 1.5 m/s, material handled: mixture of rock, clay & sand @ 1.5 to 1.6 ton/m3 density.

    Please reply to our e-mail address:

  2. Belt weigher

    Dear Sir,

    Our company Transweigh India is Ltd. is specialised in weighing, batching and coal feeding for Power plant. Ours is a joint venture company with Pfister of Germany, which is a part of FLS Smidth, Denmark. Our products are Weigh Feeders, Belt weighers,Solid Flow Feeders and Loss in weight Feeders as well as Bin level weighing system. If your enquiry is still open same may pl. be sent to the following address:

    M/s Transweigh India Ltd.
    124, ABCD, Govt.Industrial state,
    Kandivali ( West),
    Mumbai- 400067, India
    Tel: 91 22 28682311/ 28682906/28683232
    Fax:91 22 28682145
    Attn: Mr. P.J.Talreja, Manager Marketing & Services

    Copy may pl. be sent to me on the following e-mail/fax/tel.

    Director -Projects
    Cell: 91 9811255464
    91 9819976886
    00 965 9120292
    Fax: 91 11 26124183

    I would also like to inform you that we have developed special feeders for feeding coal . The product is known as Rota Feeders and is a lastest generation equipment or feeding coal. This has been found trouble free and most efficient compared to any other feeders. write us if you need more details.


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    Lookoing for belt weigher supplier

    Dear Sirs,

    You can write to the following parties.

    1.Power build,INDIA
    2. Schenck . Germany
    3. IPA ,Bangalore, INDIA

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  5. Smile Belt Scale Supplier

    We offer a wide variety of belt scales with different accuracies based on your requirements. If you log on our web page, and download or fill out a date sheet on line with the information we need to quote a scale for you.
    Enjoying Life

  6. Belt Weigher Supplier

    Dear Sir,
    We can supply & install any type of Belt scale depending upon your requirement including light weight material like Calcinated coke etc.
    Thanks & looking forward to your detailed querry
    Newton Weighing System Pvt Ltd,
    A8 Rajdanga Nabapalli Kolkata-700107
    Ph / Fax: 091 33 2442 9991

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    Belt Scale Manufacturer

    Dear Sir,
    Go to the following link to find a solution to any weighing problem. They have people in India that can be contacted as well.
    Kind Regards,
    Leon Karsten
    If you can move it, we can measure it!

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