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Thread: Partner for Dust Collection Equipment

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    Can you be a good partner?

    We are a company with 7 years refernces especially in cement plant and well known in Iran market for supplying dust collection equipments.

    For execution turn key projects we are open for any suggestion for cooperation in engineering/manufacturing/spare parts supply for bag house and electroestatic filters.

    we are expanding our activities to other industrial fields for supplying dust collection systems too, like: steel,foundry,lime, gypsum, power plant , aluminum,plastic ....etc.

    Thank for your reply

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    vibrating equipment

    We are manufacturers of vibrating systems for dust collecting and weighing and dosing systems.
    More information in our web site
    Contact: Pier Luigi Conselvan

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    our company is interested to have partnership with others working on dust collection projects.
    our experience for 15 years on engineering,ducting calculations,manufacturing bag and cartridge duct collectors,cyclones,fans,rotary valves,screw conveyors,etc.
    please advise your requirements to :

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    Kalyan Brata Ghoshal
    Consultancy & Manufacturing Co.

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    Partner for Dust Collection Systems

    We are interested to partner with you for your Dust Collection systems.
    we can sale your products or can get order for you in India.
    Kindly reply if you require any more inforamation.
    k.B. ghoshal

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