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FiltraGuide - The International Portal for Filtration and Separation

FiltraGuide is the international online platform for the filtration and separation industries. Based on the experience of two online years with and the web marketing experience of the IT team the Filtration and Separation Internet Portal has been completely revised in spring 2003. The result is a more user-friendly handling, more interesting information, an improved company presentation and primarily the optimization for search engines in order to further increase relevant traffic.

Solution Finder, Keyword-Advertising, Marketing Statistics are some of the features that highlights from simple trade directories.

The new site provides 8 branch-specific search engines that were developed especially for the Filtration and Separation industries. A new and very useful feature is the integrated Info Center. It presents additional information of interest corresponding to the keyword the user searched for, such as product presentations, technical reports, books, interesting links, company ads, and more. Advertising companies profit from reaching interested prospects.

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