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Thread: Belt Feeder - Cold Vulcanizing Glue

  1. Belt Feeder - Cold Vulcanizing Glue

    Hi All ,

    Could you please recommend a glue for cold splicing a Fabric Belt (PN800/4).

    Best Regards,

    Alex Kaveh
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    Gary Blenkhorn
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    Quote Originally Posted by alex-kaveh View Post
    Hi All ,

    Could you please recommend a glue for cold splicing a Fabric Belt (PN800/4).

    You would be better to ask a glue supplier and give them the rubber compound of the belt. In North America one of the best is Rema Tip Top. They have affiliates in Australia as well.
    Gary Blenkhorn
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  3. Cold Vulcanizing Glue

    Dear Alex:

    As Gary stated, Rema Tip Top is one of the best providers, worldwide, for cold vulcanizing cements. However, other companies also have very good products (e.g. ContiTech, Almex Fusion, and in Australia All Rubber). However, you should verify that a product is available in the area of where the job is to be performed.

    Also, as Gary stated, knowing which cover compound is being used is also present. Additionally, you need the know the temperature of the material (high heat belts can not be cold vulcanized) and local laws (i.e. some areas prohibit cancer causing agents that are found in some cements).

    It is best to talk with your supplier, belt vulcanizing company or feel free to contact me for more information.
    Ronald D. Fernandes,
    BMG Conveyor Consulting and Rubber Corp.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by alex-kaveh View Post
    Hi All ,

    Could you please recommend a glue for cold splicing a Fabric Belt (PN800/4).


    Dear Alex,

    This thread is an old one but the subject is still actual.
    As all of us know, various brands are available on the market. But up to now all of them are rubber cements with polychloroprene polymers dissolved in up to 85% solvents. The curing begins after application without heat by evaporation of the solvents. Only after the solvent has largely evaporated the formation of crystalline structures of the chloroprene polymers can begin. A cohesion or an adhesion within the adhesive and between the adhesive and the surface to be bonded is based on molecular interactions and mechanical cohesion by diffusion of the glue in the rubber. The solvents that evaporates in the course of solidification of the adhesive provides an increasing occurring problem.
    In most cases, the actual volatile solvents, even after banning trichloroethylene as proven carcinogenic are generating health risks for the users, like Dizziness, nausea, headache, irritation of the mucous membranes and even organ damages. New rubber bonds are including now a cocktail of solvents like ethyl-acetate, cyclohexane, rozin, dichlormethan etc. If you take a look on the safety data sheet you will discover such words like: “suspected of damaging fertility”, “may be fatal if swallowed” etc. These statements should be even worse if the manufacturer have to declare all components with less than 0.1 % in the safety data sheet.
    The main mode of action, the diffusion, and the presence of softeners, additives etc. in the rubber leads to an unstable crosslink and to interaction between them with the adhesive. This is why cement bonds are less good as hot splicing and why they are so sensitive against external agents and temperature.
    My suggestion is to try our new reaction glue Muliface: no solvents, no VOCs and a new way of action, very close to the way of binding during hot splicing. If you want to know more look on the web site

    Edagr Jakob

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