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Thread: POWTECH 2004: Hansa-Industrie-Mixer

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    POWTECH 2004: Hansa-Industrie-Mixer

    Stand 8-113

    The alternative to the conventional premix kitchen

    All over the world powder and liquids have to be mixed in the most different types of production.
    The requirements on environment, minimum waste and maximum accuracy of the ready mixed compounds e.g. for caoting of textiles and other applications getting higher and higher.
    At the same time the amount of the needed volume for these uses decreases.

    Already in 1997 HANSA-INDUSTRIE-MIXER saw these problems of their customers and so they developed the VARIOUS-MIX.

    The requirements to this mashine is the continuously mixing of liquid and solid ingridients to a ready mixed compound with a correct amount of all necessary parts of the formula. This compound for example should be able to be aerated in a HANSA-MIX faom generator to a foam and after this applicated as a coating on a fabric. At the end it should be a compact mixing unit with the responsibility to produce compounds “inline” with several amounts and very different requirements on the recipes like it is not possible to be done inside one batch vessel.

    On the other hand the quick consume of the mixed compound helps the hold dry substance inside the liquid without sedimentation to the bottom of the tank.
    Also the price for the disposal of the waste was minimiced, when the rework of the production waste can be mixed under the fresh compound. The VARIOUS-MIX is successfully used in carpet mills and mattresses produktions.
    Because the VARIUS-MIX can operate direct beside the foam generator the low volume inside the pipelines and the small mixing chamber reduces the waste of ready mixed compound enormous after stop of production.

    The volume of the liquid flows are measured by flowmeter even the dry substance amount of the powder feeder by a weigh. Both are controled by the PLC. Each amount is shown in the display in a flow diagram. All used formulas can be stored in the PLC and read out when it is necessary.

    After changing the recipe during production the rest of compound inside the unit is very small so it is possible to upgrade the quality without stop.
    The VARIOUS-MIX is designed as a very compact closed unit. All necessary parts for operation like pumps, mixing head, the powder feeder and also the switch cabinet with the control unit of the PLC are installed in its frame.

    The input connections of the products can be reached from outside without opening. The mixing chamber of the drystuff / liquid mixer rises out of the top of the frame so operation and controlling of the unit is possible without opening the housing. The dosing unit for the solids is installed on the frame for easy access. It can be filled automatically in start / stop with a screw feeder, a vacuum feeder or other suitable designs.

    For more information, please visit:
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