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Thread: What is Dust Suppression / Dust Capture?

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    What is Dust Suppression / Dust Capture?

    Hello all,

    I am a student in a college and I have just started to coinduct a project about Dust Suppression and Dust Capture systems. I came across this board and wish someone to tell me what is Dust Suppression and Dust Capture systems? What are their difference? I knew a few machinese that can be used to capture dust, but what about suppression??

    It would be really helpful if anyone can answer me the above questions and have some more useful examples for me to look at.

    Thank you all for your time in reading this message.

  2. Hello Enyvycl,

    In bulk material handling system, when material is getting transferred from one equipment to another equipment, the dust generation (dust cloud) will form at such transfer points. This dusty air will spread into surrounding equipment / environment, which is objectionable and harmful. So, this is to be prevented.

    The spreading of dust cloud is prevented by dust suppression or by dust extraction / capture. Dust suppression involves spraying of water mist on the dust cloud, which causes it to settle on the material.
    In case of dust extraction / capture, dust cloud is sucked like a vacuum cleaner. Then, dust is separated (by cyclone / bag filters etc.) and air is released in to the atmosphere.

    For more information, I suggest you to contact manufacturers of dust control equipment in your country. Their published literature / pamphlet will provide adequate information.

    Ishwar G Mulani.
    Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyors.
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    I G Mulani,
    thank you very much for your advice, at least now I know where to look at and where to start for my project.
    Thank you.

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    Dust suppression as defined by the NFPA means that a dust supression system is used to prevent a dust explosion in an enclosed process. The preventing agent is a gas or a solid. This agent is injected by automatic valves in the process if a pressure rise is sensed due to the initiation of a dust explosion.

    A. Agarwal
    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

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    Michael Reid

    Michael Reid

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    Dust suppression/dust collection

    In materials handling systems, dust suppression is generally taken to mean the mitigation or prevention of dust emissions by means of adding water to the material stream.

    When the water is dispersed in the material, dust particles adhere to larger lumps and are retained within the material stream.

    Another approach is to create a fog, using compressed air, within the dust enclosures around the equipment. The fine particles adhere to one another, agglomerate and settle.

    Amrit Agarwal refers to the suppression of explosions in clouds of combustible dusts, which is a different matter. NFPA 68 and 69 are the US standards which guide the protection of dust collection systems, vessels etc. containing combustible materials.

    Michael Reid.

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    David Handel Guest

    Thumbs up Dust Suppression

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    capotex Guest
    Dust is mainly generated in transfer points, but also on belt conveyors when the material transported is fine and wind blows. One solution for this is covering the conveyor. This is specially suitable when the material should no get wet. Covers are also unexpensive and maintenance free.

    For more info, visit

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    Thank you so much for everybody's help, I have submitted the report in and waiting to see the result soon... Fingers cross.

    Thank you.

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