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Thread: Bulk Flour Delivery

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    Dr. Reinhard H. Wöhlbier
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    Bulk Flour Delivery

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    We are in the process of setting up our 2nd biscuit line which will also house flour bulk bins equipped provisions to extract bulk flour from tankers. I tried requesting more info on one of the articles on the website but was unsuccessful; we need your assistance in linking us to manufacturers and project leaders in relation to this.

    Hear from your soon.


    Timoci Naulumatua
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  2. flour control

    Dear Reinhard,
    I have seen your two posts about flour transport, control and stocking. I think these projects are already closed but if you have more issues about this subject, we will be glad to try to assist you.
    We have more than 25 years in flour milling plant design and installation for wheat, maize, rye, etc.
    Our projects includes diagrams developing, pneumatic conveying systems and aspiration plants sizing and, in short, from designing up to putting into operation. As well as existing plant up-grading and so on.
    The finished products silo for flour and bran includes delivery lines with packing/bagging/bulk delivery and also flour control plant.

    Remain at your disposal for any further discussion. Write me at:

    Tanase TANASE

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    Question Always Questions.

    Sending flour up to bins is quite simple. What is the transport distance?
    John Gateley

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