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    POROTEC GmbH sells and supports a wide range of scientific instruments for the characterisation of finely dispersed and porous materials. Typical applications are catalysis, building materials, pigments, ceramics, polymers, food, minerals, pharmaceuticals, etc. Our experienced product specialists support our high quality instruments with their extensive knowledge at institutes, universities and in industry. With our active contributions at international symposia, workshops, exhibitions and our own workshops we have established a high standard in product control and science. POROTEC is the general distributor of the microstructure line of ThermoFinnigan (Mercury-porosimetry, physi- and chemisorption, TPD/R/O, density, characterization of surfaces), SMS Surface Measurement Systems Ltd. (water and organic vapour sorption, inverse gas chromatography, humidity generators) and Ankersmid (particle analysers) in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and neighbouring East European countries.

    We also offer consulting, customers training and mandatory analysis in our fully equipped POROTEC laboratory.

    Mercury Porosimetry - PASCAL 140/240/440: Fully automated Mercury porosimeters for the determination of pore size distribution, pore radius, volume and surface, density and particle size of finely dispersed and porous materials. Pore radii range from 300µm to 1.8 nm and particle diameters from 3000 µm to 15 µm.

    Volumetric Gas Adsorption - Sorptomatic 1990: Fully automated instrument for the determination of the specific surface area (BET), highly resolved adsorption - desorption isotherms for the determination of meso- and micropores. Optional: Chemisorption for characterization of catalysts and Krypton sorption for low surface areas (0.005 m2/g)

    TPD/R/O Puls-Chemisorption - TPD/R/O 1100: analysis of catalysts in temperature ranges from 40°C to 1100°C (Cryo-Option to –80°C available). Fully automatic pre-treatment procedures during the measurement of Temperature Programmed Desorption, Reduction, Oxidation or isothermal pulse-chemisorption also of solvents. Optional: MS-coupling working in the range of 1 to 300 amu analyzes complex gas mixtures.

    Density Measurement with Helium - PYCNOMATIC: Temperature controlled measurement of true density of solids, pastes or liquids. An integrated microprocessor controls the complete calibration and measurement procedure.

    Dynamic Gas Adsorption – Qsurf: fast, accurate, repeatable, economical and fully automated surface area measurement of up to 15 analyses per hour with the three station unit. Perfect for high volume quality control of fine powders. This series has a built-in computer / key-board/display and automatically calibrates before every analysis.

    Particle-Analyzer - CIS 50/100 und DSA 10: Determination of both, particle size and shape, for a complete characterization of samples. With additional equipment the analyzers could be optimized for many special problems.

    Dynamic Vapour Sorption - DVS is an automated instrument for measuring water sorption properties of materials. It is a rapid gravimetric system and operates from 0% to 98% RH and from 5°C to 80°C. The most sensitive configuration has a resolution of 0.1 µg. Organic vapour module and in-situ color video microscopy are also available.

    Inverse Gas Chromatography – worlds only commercial iGC enables determination of numerous physico-chemical parameters like surface energies, adsorption enthalpy, isotherms, phase transitions and diffusion kinetics by measuring the retention of probe molecules flowing over the sample. Experiments are quickly and easily carried out over a wide range of sample morphologies, including powders and fibers.

    Temperature controlled Humidity Generator - VGI 2000: is a unique accessory designed to study precisely humidity or vapour mediated processes by microscopy over a broad range of temperatures and partial vapour pressures (15°C – 40°C; 0%RH – 95%RH).The modular design provides a base control unit for applications such as XRD, FT-IR and other analytical techniques.

    For more information, please visit:
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