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Thread: Rembe's New MicroFlow Instrument

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    Rembe's New MicroFlow Instrument

    MicroFlow – the simple and reliable instrument
    for measuring pneumatic conveyed solids

    The MicroFlow sensor offers a simple and reliable method for continuous measurement of pneumatic or gravimetric conveyed products in metal pipes.

    The measuring system is consisting of a microwave sensor with wear-resistant ceramic sensor face. This sensor is mounted via a fitting and does not effect the product stream.

    The sensor-face transmits a frequency of 24 GHz into the pipe.
    A patented software only evaluates the reflection of the moving particles in the product stream. Reflections of static parts will be ignored.

    The result is a signal,which is direct proportional to the mass flow – this signal is standardized and displayed in the “state of the art” electronics.

    The MicroFlow system is ideal for the following applications...

    • measuring and controlling of secondary fuel (coal-powder, sawmill ...)

    • master/slave control of different products streams

    • flow-/no flow control

    For more information, please visit:
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