Senior Mechanical Engineer (B.Eng.) with MSc. in Bulk Solids Handling Technology. Experienced with many types of material handling equipment including, heat exchangers, feeders, silos, pneumatic conveying, conveyors, etc.

I have worked in many industries including, Marine, Aerospace, Nuclear and in Material Handling. I have been responsible for Design, Project Management, Scheduling, Fabrication, R&D, Quality Control, Budget Administration, Testing and Commissioning. More recently I also worked in Sales of Material Handling Equipment.

I have excellent client relations and people management skills.

I am a ‘hands-on’ engineer and have also completed a full Merchant Marine apprenticeship onboard Oil Tankers. I have excellent skills in maintenance, operations, welding, fitting, machining, overhaul, maintenance, fabrication, electrical, and fault diagnosis.

Living in Calgary, Canada, I am seeking any suitable position in Engineering or Sales for which I may be qualified.