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Thread: Jacob Pipework Systems: Food Grade Highlights

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    Jacob Pipework Systems: Food Grade Highlights

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    Food Grade Highlights in Pipework Systems

    At the POWTECH 2014 trade fair, Jacob Pipework Systems presented innovations which further expand the diversity of their serial and customised ranges.

    The blue U-shaped seal is an innovative new development that expands the range of ring seals for pull-ring connections. A special feature is that the blue ring is detectable (see Fig. 1).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    (double click on picture to open in new window)

    The blue one – U-shaped seal in hygiene colour design
    The new metal detectable U-shaped seal from JACOB offers
    greater protection against metal contaminants.

    A JACOB two-way valve with a metal detector normally performs this task, which prevents parts of the ring from getting into the production process due, for instance, to faulty installation. The result is greater protection against product contamination. In the food industry, in particular, this is a frequently requested performance criterion. Blue stands optically for the internationally recognised hygiene colour. The detectable blue U-shaped seal is a patented innovation which is exclusively offered by JACOB PIPEWORK SYSTEMS. It comes with dual conformity with the European EC 1935/2004 and American FDA standards. In fact, Jacob is the first pipework system manufacturer to offer dual compliance.

    The JACOB FOOD GRADE® range is now also complemented with a new multi-way distributor. This special stainless steel version also meets all food contact requirements for the two internationally most recognised conformities, right down to the last detail. A variety of connections as well as measurement and sensor systems also enhance the optimal conveyance of foodstuffs through the pipe system. Examples of customer requests include special dairy fittings, Tri clamp connections, and backup shut-off devices as well as pressure and temperature sensors, filling level indicators, humidity sensors and interior surveillance cameras (see Fig. 2).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    (double click on picture to open in new window)

    Multi-way distributor now in Food Grade design
    JACOB‘s FOOD GRADE range is now enhanced by a new distributor
    offering remarkable performance diversity to meet customer requests.

    Specialised in dust extraction, exhaust air and bulk goods handling
    Jacob is the leading manufacturer for pipe systems based on the modular concept in Europe with a world-wide market presence. Pipe systems for bulk material handling as well as dust extraction and exhaust air units for environmental engineering (cooling air/exhaust air) are the largest application areas for JACOB pipe systems (diameters 60 - 1600 mm or larger for customised production, 1-3 mm pipe wall thickness, steel pipes are primed, galvanised or stainless steel).

    Easy installations, in addition to innovative developments and the ability to quickly deliver from the warehouse, ensure an outstanding position for JACOB pipe systems in all industries which employ metal piping for manufacturing processes.

    The main customers are in the chemistry and in the pharmaceutical or plastics industries or in the food industry (e.g. coffee, cacao, chocolate, sugar or in grain processing) or feed plants, the tobacco industry, the automotive industry, the chip industry, machine construction or in the paper and building materials industries.

    More information on Jacob

    Google Search – text

    Google Search – figures

    Jacob on the Portal
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