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    POWTECH 2014: HECHT technologie

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    POWTECH 2014: HECHT technologie

    Containment drum discharging CFE-L und CFE-K
    Drum discharging by gravity or with pneumatic conveying afterwards

    Containment means highest safety for product and operator, for HECHT it means even more: safe, clean and efficient. Due to our vision we developed two systems for containment drum discharging, which are especially tailored to the requirements of our customers. The focus has been on easy handling of the discharging station and also of the local conditions of our customers. This challenge made us devise two solutions for the discharging of drums, which have the same containment level (OEB 5), but with different working processes exactly optimized for the requirements of our customers

    By gravity… - CFE-K
    The Containment Drum discharging station with glovebox and integrated lifting device is one of the leading systems in the dust- and contamination free bulk solids industry. The easy handling during the discharging process as well as the simplicity of the drum connection is unique. Depending on your requirements, the transport to the next process step is possible by gravity (multi floor productions) or via the effective pneumatic conveying system ProClean conveyer PCC. Depending on your product, it is possible to connect a suction shoe for the conveying system or, as an option a stirring device. The integrated front glass allows you to observe the conveying process. The gloves support easy product-handling. Due to the unique drum discharging station it is possible to achieve containment levels up to OEB 5.

    … or via suction lance - CFE-L
    If there is less space at your production side or if you want a weight controlled dosing out of the drum, the Containment drum discharging station CFE-L is an innovative possibility to discharge drums dust- and contamination free. The drum is positioned under the isolator by the automatic lifting device and connected to the box via a roller conveyor. The drum can be discharged completely by using the suction lance with linear guidance and, as an option, with actuator. The window provides a clear view into the glovebox. The ProClean conveyor transports your bulk solids to the next process step. As an option, inerting with N² is available. The isolator box perfectly suited for low space processing, because of its compact design. Automation and integration into an existing roller conveying system is also possible.

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    Fig. 1a:
    Containment drum discharging CFE-K

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    Fig. 1b:
    Containment drum discharging CFE-L


    Big Bag Supporting Tables
    Optimize your discharging process

    Sometimes the discharging of Big Bags can be very difficult. The various different product properties of the bulk solids are responsible for this. Bridging, product-compactions or crystalline compounds especially at the outlet of the FIBC avoid a free flowing discharge process. Because of the experience for years in the field of Big Bag discharging HECHT developed solutions for almost every task.

    The support table with vibration (SAT-V) is used for products that tend to bridging and formation of crystalline compounds or those that require an impulse for discharging. Therefore the support table is equipped with a vibration motor. The vibration motor set the bottom and the outlet of the FIBC into vibration and the crystalline connections are destroyed.

    Support table with walk system (SAT-W) is used for products that tend to bridging and for poor flowing bulk solids. Two pneumatic walk paddles massage and treat the bottom and the outlet (optionally) of the FIBC. Because of this the bridges get broken and a continually flowing is guaranteed.

    For the “hardest and poorest flowing bulks” the support table with integrated walk – and vibrating function (SAT-WV) is used. First the Big Bag is placed on the support table, which is also a protection against floating charges.

    While discharging the walk-paddles break the bridges as described before. As an addition the vibration function can be switched on. Because of the v-shaped vibrating plates the shear forces get deep into the Big Bags and destroy also massive crystalline connections.

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    Fig. 2:
    SAT-WV with vibration and walk function


    Disposable liners
    No cleaning? - No cleaning!

    At many pharmaceutical manufacturing sites the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) used today are more potent than in the past and thus more Hecht Technologie has developed a solution that takes the advantages of isolators and combines them with the benefits and flexibility of plastic liners. As a result, the company has designed and built a number of single-use systems. Single-use systems can be the most effective solution when companies are faced with frequent product changes and thus frequent cleaning procedures.

    Two solutions of disposable systems are the EWI (Expendable weighing isolator and the EPS (Expendable sampling system).

    The samples that have to be checked are connected via liner technology to the EPS. The sampling takes place within the flexible isolator, to ensure the operator is permanently protected while working. Due to the closed sampling, neither the operator, the room, nor other samples are at risk of contamination. The cleaning requirement is reduced and the documentation process is faster. The disposable isolator can be removed and disposed of once the sampling procedure has been carried out.

    Using a similar technique to the sampling procedure, the material containers are connected via liners to the EWI. An additional lifting unit supports the handling inside the isolator. A completely new feature is the active-passive-weighing-unit. Hecht has developed a system in which the weighing platform is outside the isolator while the weighing scale is inside. Using this unit, products can be weighed inside the isolator even though the weighing platform is outside the liner. The weighing platform and scale are connected using a special technology that enables an accuracy up to +/-1g to be achieved.

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    Fig. 3a:
    The Disposable-Weighing-Isolator EWI

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    Fig. 3b:
    The Disposable-Sampling-System EPS


    PCC 700
    Pneumatic conveying – Big Business

    The new PCC 700 series is, up to now, the most powerful of the pneumatic conveying systems from HECHT. As an addition to the compact PCC-series (100-300) the PCC 700 has got more conveying power and the ability to transport your bulk solid long distances and heights.

    From an application side as e.g. a Big Bag discharging station, the product goes via hoses and the product inlet valve into the separator vessel and fills it. Then, the product gas mixture is separated in the filter units. When the PCC 700 is fully filled, the suctions-cycle stops and the product outlet valve opens. Now the product is going to be discharged into the different onside applications.

    The reasons for the powerful performance of the PCC 700 series are mainly the four huge filter units and the big volume of the separator vessel. Due to the suction of the product via vacuum and the alternate sequence of filter cleaning (two are cleaned and two are used for conveying), it is possible to convey the bulk solid over long distances and heights. Because of that, the complete volume of the separator vessel can be filled with only one suction cycle.

    A supporting fact is the impressing filter-area (up to 3, 6 m²) and through that less filters stress for less pressure difference. So a more effective transport of very fine grained products (< 1μm) can be achieved. The low filter stress has also a very positive effect on the life time of the filter units. If there is a filter change, it can be done within a few minutes, very quick and completely by hand without any tools. Important to know: The PCC 700 series are no pressure vessels and so they have not to be checked separately. They are working with a pressure of maxi-mum 0, 49 bar as a standard.

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    Fig. 4:
    PCC 700 in operation


    Endless liner technology
    Small bin filling station with intelligent charging and filling

    The small bin filling station is a combination of various proofed and tested system of the HECHT portfolio.

    For conveying or for charging the system, the ProClean Conveyor is used. A special type with a double-filter head guarantees a safe, closed and contamination-free transport of the bulks. Of course product segregation is avoided and all filters are conforming to the FDA requirements. To reach the strict requirements of the quality the vacuum sampler unit is used. It is directly connected to the corpus of the PCC.

    The main characteristics of the sampler are the flexibility of the sampling amount as well as the easy handling while cleaning.

    The dosing valve with integrated vibration unit in combination with the weighing unit is responsible for the exact amount in the small bin.

    The dosing valve is continuously adjustable and regulates a gentle filling.

    The vibration function supports the breaking of product-bridges and lumps.

    The second main part of the system is the endless liner filling head. This system is perfect for closed filling of small bins and drums up to a containment level from OEB 4-5. Via a special connection technique the liner package is adjusted on the filling head. Just after a few steps you can start your filling process. Of course the containment level is guaranteed at every point of time, even while the closing and cutting of the liners. The double closing system of HECHT supports this.

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    Fig. 5:
    Small bin filling station


    For more information, please visit:

    Google Search:

    HECHT Videos:

    HECHT technologie on the Portal:
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