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Kek-Gardner Products at POWTECH 2014

Kek-Gardner Air Classifier Mills
The Kek-Gardner Air Classifier Mill offers fine grinding capability plus greater control over particle size distribution. Typically grinding to a particle size in the region of tens of microns, the Kek-Gardner Air Classifier Mill serves all industries producing fine powders where control of grinding temperature and particle size distribution is of prime importance.

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Kek-Gardner Air Classifier Mill

Kek-Gardner Universal Mills
Kek-Gardner fine grinding Universal mills are designed and constructed for aggressive, one pass milling, high performance, robustness, easy maintenance and safety in use. Construction can be of cast iron, cast steel or stainless steel and, where required, can be designed to withstand over pressure situations of up to 10 Bar. A range of models are available to suit a variety of process and throughput requirements from a few kgs to several tons per hour. Typical requirements are to grind materials of up to 3 Moh hardness down to less than 15µ particle size.

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Kek-Gardner Universal Mill

Kek-Gardner Centrifugal Sifter
The cantilever design Kek-Gardner Centrifugal Sifter offers users high standards of hygiene and ease of operation, which are unprecedented. The concept has proved so successful that virtually the whole range follows this design.

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Kek-Gardner Centrifugal Sifters

Kek-Gardner Cone Mills
Designed for intermediate granulation applications, cone milling is a gentle, low energy form of size reduction. Used for a wide range of granulation applications including fatty, heat sensitive, sticky, moist or fragile products. It alleviates traditional milling problems of noise, dust and heat generation. The gentle grinding action of Kek-Gardner Cone Mills, capable of control within fine limits, maintains a close particle size distribution with minimal fines generation, typically grinding from 25mm to 250µ.

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Kek-Gardner Cone Mill

Kek-Gardner Mixers
The reputation of Kek-Gardner mixing technology and manufacturing quality is founded on practical experience gained through long service to the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Extensive resources and proven expertise enable Kek-Gardner to produce a whole range of mixing equipment - from a standard powder mixer to custom built processors. It also enables us to meet a wide array of diverse process applications and operating conditions.

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Kek-Gardner Mixers

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