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Thread: POWTECH 2014: UWT GmbH Level Control

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    POWTECH 2014: UWT GmbH Level Control

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    Innovations with heart – Exciting news from the engineers at UWT

    2014 has seen the engineers at UWT GmbH not only approaching their work with their customary diligence but also with creative flair. In addition to an innovative all-rounder for measuring all types of bulk materials, called RFnivo®, they have developed a new lower-cost Nivotec® software for level monitoring and have worked on the functional safety and safety integrity level SIL2 for rotary paddle switches. Plus, attention has been given to the interface measurement technology - the ever-reliable lot system, Nivobob®.

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    Interface measurement smart and simple with Nivobob 3000

    The new RFnivo® is the first choice for many bulk applications
    We are often asked whether there is one measurement principle, which works reliably in all bulk solids applications? Is there one sensor that can cope with low bulk density, bridging, caking, abrasiveness, corrosion, high tension and leverage forces, high and low process temperatures and pressures, low and fluctuating dielectric value as well as being able to offer a short reaction time? To date, the answer to this question has been “no”, there has not been any one measuring principle to solve all challenges in all applications. Therefore, UWT decided to enhance their portfolio with a capacitive sensor that is able to offer a solution for any challenge. The RFnivo® 3000 is the new capacitive level switch for bulk solids and is used as overfill protection as well as a demand or empty detector in process or storage containers. So what does the RFnivo® offer in addition to the other UWT sensors?

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    Engineers with new RFnivo 2

    The RFnivo® is a single-rod probe which has been designed to detect bulk solid materials without the use of temperature-limiting components. The RFnivo® is available in stainless steel grade 1.4301 (303) to 1.4404 (316L), with PPS or ceramic insulators and optional Teflon seals. Whilst the RFnivo® with ceramic insulators can cope with extreme process temperatures up to +500°C it is worth pointing out that the standard version with PPS insulators can handle temperatures up to +240°C. The RFnivo® is suitable for use in containers with overpressure of up to 25bar as standard which sets the Rfnivo® apart from other sensors such as paddle switches or vibrations forks. The heavy duty version of the RFnivo® boasts a very high torque of 525Nm and tensile forces of up to 40kN. The electronics is the heart of the RFnivo® . The electronics guarantee a very high sensitivity when used with the correlating length of single-rod probe. Bulk materials can be detected from a dielectric value of 1.5 and more which covers most bulk materials. The universal voltage electronic is equipped with a clear display and 3 buttons and provides a DPDT signal for signal analysis. During the entire operation the live capacitive measurement data is shown on the display. Parameters such as FSH and FSL as well as the response time of the signal output are easily set up using the Quick Start Menu. A test button allows the manual start of the self-diagnosis program of the probe. It is also possible to set up automatic self-diagnosis which regularly checks the proper functioning of the RFnivo® and activates the failsafe in case of an error. The self-diagnosis is performed in the background without affecting the function of the probe in use.

    All RFnivo® probes come with the Active Shield technology as standard. The Active Shield technology prevents faulty switching caused by the build-up of material which is prone to caking or bridging on the probes extensions or caused by the build-up of condensed water in the process. UWT gives highest priority to ensuring all their products are designed to be reliable and maintenance free.

    Capacitive measurement always requires that the sensors are calibrated for the application, as the geometry of the container influences the probe’s measurement. The jump in the change of capacity when the probe is covered by bulk material again depends on the dielectric value and the sensitivity of the probe. In practice this is not always easy. It often means that one has to get closely acquainted with the equipment’s operation manual or the capacitive measurement principle itself. And let's be honest, who is truly happy to be tasked with that? So, due to the easy handling of the UWT sensors it also means time is saved during commissioning. The RFnivo® automatically starts to calibrate itself once the set-up and the wiring in the tank has been completed and the power supply connected. The operator has to do nothing further than set the signal output in the Quickstart menu according to its application. If the RFnivo® is used in an application where the supply voltage has been previously connected, the calibration process can be started immediately after installation. The probe automatically adjusts to the new application and the calibration is completed in no time. For "hardcore" RF probe operators, there is also a powerful manual and menu-driven calibration. This ultimately arrives at the same conclusion as the automatic calibration.

    The standard specification of the RFnivo® is high and international approvals are available. In addition to ATEX, the sensors are also certified with IEC-Ex and FM / FMc. For applications in the food industry, sensors with EHEDG approval are available. In general, all parts of the probe which come in contact with the bulk solid material are FDA and 1935/2004/EC compliant.

    SIL2 for UWT rotating paddle series
    The terms ‘functional safety’ and ‘safety integrity level (SIL)’ have occurred more frequently since the publication of the international standard IEC 61508/IEC61511. Particularly in systems with hazard-causing processes, such as in chemical plants, the consideration of functional safety has become indispensable. On this basis safety-related practices, design principles and error considerations must be met in order to minimize the risk of a dangerous failure. The UWT engineers focused on this topic and redesigned the rotating paddle switch Rotonivo® RN6 series according to the normative requirements of functional safety to ensure safety functions in a risk mitigation in accordance with SIL2. Typical safety functions are overfill and dry run protection.

    As part of the functional safety issue, the RN6 electronics have been redesigned. This has been configured so that any failure of electrical components lead to a safe switching state of the output signal and thus a hazard by the system is avoided.

    With the innovative SIL2 compliant Rotonivo® RN6, operators of safety-related systems have a sensor system in accordance with their specified safety integrity level and the perfect metrological component in their safety circuit.

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    RN6004 as worldwide one and only rotating paddle limit switch with SIL2

    Clear interface measurement with precise electromechanical Lot systems
    The multifunctional technologies - Nivobob® NB3300 (rope version) and NB3400 (tape version) - from UWT GmbH are specially modified for interface measurement and have proven themselves under varying process conditions. They are especially designed for continuous measurement of salt or mud levels, used in tanks for contaminated water or silos. Material resistance of the devices is of crucial importance in order to withstand the corrosive process conditions and to obtain reliable results. In order to continue to provide consistent reliability of this measuring method, the UWT engineers have also developed the formulation of the Nivobob® technology. All installed parts have therefore been additionally coated and prepared of robust corrosion resistant materials.

    The aluminium IP 66 housing and process connection are unaffected by aggressive and wet media. Through increased corrosion resistance and resistance to dirt, the Nivobob® versions measure very precisely even under the problematic conditions. The Nivobob versions are proven in sewage sludge as well as aggressive saltwater applications. The PA-sheathed stainless steel rope version can even measure acid material with ease. To prevent slippage, the rope or tape rolls are designed with a special rubber coating.

    In the cable version of the NB3300, high measurement precision is achieved by way of individual fine adjustment of the sensor weight exactly adjusted to the sludge layer. Integrated metal discs within a PVC sensing weight also allow individual adjustment of sensitivity and even offer interface measurement in very light slurries. To improve the contact to the rope and tape, the guide pulley is rubber coated. The NB3300 rope version delivers exact measurement results due to the adjustment of the sensor weight with an exact calibration to the mud level. Integrated metal discs into the PVC sensor weight also allow individual adjustments of sensitivity and even make interface measurement in very light slurries possible.

    The lot systems offer a 0/4-20mA-Signal and also a communication via modbus or profibus DP. The visualization software Nivotec® provides options for the intelligent level control and, for example, height and volume-related values to drive the mud pump. After the installation and simple programming, the Nivobob® sensors are immediately ready for operation and completely maintenance-free, according to the principle "install and forget".

    Affordable and comfortable level monitoring with the new Nivotec® NT4500
    In order to provide plant operators with a complete solution in the level monitoring of silos, which should have all features for a safe material disposition and is also affordable, UWT has developed the visualization software Nivotec® with special focus on the pricing aspect.

    WebController with Ethernet interface and Modbus RTU as well as standard industrial components of Wago are the basis of Nivotec® system. In addition to the UWT Nivobob® level sensors with Modbus RTU interface, any sensors with 4-20mA signal level can be integrated into the system. Especially convenient when configuring with the UWT Modbus RTU sensors is the low wiring costs at the silo. Only one bus cable and a cable for the power supply are wired to the silo. There, all sensors in series can be wired on. Also any full detector with relay signal can be connected to the Nivobob® sensors in the modbus. Simple in design and easy to implement.

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    Nivotec for optimized silo management

    The visualization software of the Nivotec® NT4500 can be password protected serviced by all the PCs that are connected to the Ethernet, via browser software. It provides the levels in height, percent, by weight or volume. It will be stored trends, e-mail alerts on levels or full detection of silos can be activated, even the level sensors can be parameterized via Nivotec®.

    The brand new RFnivo® and other UWT innovations are waiting to be discovered at POWTECH in hall 4 at booth 123! In addition, the Nivobob® 3300 will perform live interface measurements and at the Nivotec® - counter the results will be visualized with the new level monitoring software NT4500.

    Get close up to and get interactive with technology at the UWT stand!

    For more information, please visit:

    Google Search:

    Who is Who: UWT GmbH:

    UWT GmbH Level Control on the Portal:

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