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Thread: POWTECH 2004: Westfalia Separator Engineering

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    POWTECH 2004: Westfalia Separator Engineering

    Stand 12-140

    WECIP - Plug and CIP
    Westfalia Separator presents the new PharmaCIP modules for chemical cleaning in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

    With the newly developed WECIP concept, Westfalia Separator Engineering is offering innovative solutions for the efficient and economical cleaning-in-place of centrifuges, other equipment, tanks, components and piping systems.
    The new PharmaCIP cleaning unit presented at the ACHEMA in Frankfurt now offers the chemical and pharmaceutical industries real “Plug and Play” for this filed of application. The CIP modules can be easily and rapidly integrated in the process and clean reproducibly and economically.

    Westfalia Separator Engineering is already offering the fully automated PharmaCIP cleaning unit in two versions. The PharmaCIP PCA 5 is equipped with a 250 litre CIP tank which covers the capacity range of 500 to 5000 l/h. With a volume of 500 litres and a high-performance CIP pump, the PharmaCIP PCA 10 can clean volume streams of 2,000 to 10,000 l/h. The cleaning units work on the principle of “single-use” cleaning to avoid cross-contamination.

    All components of the PharmaCIP cleaning systems are mounted on a stainless steel skid. The control engineering is likewise located on the base frame. The installation is ready-to-connect.

    All fittings have been selected and tested for use in chemical and pharmaceutical operations. The gaskets are made of EPDM. The piping is designed for pharmaceutical compatibility. The surface roughness of the CIP lines is less than 0.8 µm. The connections are in the form of sterile unions or clamp couplings.

    Independent or integrated in the process
    The cleaning units grouped under the WECIP concept can be operated as independent cleaning modules. Alternatively, they can also be integrated in a master process control system. All cleaning programs are freely selectable. The actual cleaning program sequence depends on the installations to be cleaned and the necessary cleaning cycles. The required parameters can be easily adapted to the local conditions. The PharmaCIP modules are delivered with a complete CE-compliant set of documentation.

    For more information, please visit:

    New approaches to cleaning-in-place with the WECIP concept.
    With the newly developed PharmaCIP cleaning units, Westfalia Separator Engineering is now offering the chemical and pharmaceutical industries real “Plug and CIP”.
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