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    Heyl and Patterson Rotary Coolers

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    Rotary Coolers Optimize the Potential of Bulk Materials

    by David Phillips, H&P Aug 06, 2014

    Sand is one of many bulk mateials, and is a vital component in a variety of industrial applications. From simple molding to its use as a crucial ingredient in concrete and asphalt, much of the world we know would be substantially different without sand. A problem that those in the industry face, however, is that part of the process for treating sand for some applications heats it up considerably, requiring it to be cooled before further use.

    This sometimes leads to sand being deposited in the open air to cool naturally, but it is a process that can take hours, and leaves the sand open to contaminants that can render the product inferior or even useless. A better alternative exists.

    Certain industrial equipment can cool that steaming hot sand down to a more workable temperature. Rotary Coolers efficiently move the sand and other types of bulk materials in a way that allows natural or artificially-cooled air to pass through the material. "Cooler" air is a relative term and somewhat of a misnomer, since bulk materials go from around 1000-2000 degrees down to a few hundred degrees; The material is still quite hot, but can be more easily managed.

    A Rotary Cooler speeds up the natural cooling process considerably. When cooler air passes over a surface, heat is dispersed into the moving air. The greater the surface area exposed to the moving air, the faster the cooling occurs. When a bulk material is placed inside the slowly-spinning drum of a Rotary Cooler, the action causes the material to tumble and expose each individual particle to moving air on all sides, significantly increasing the surface area exposed to the cooler air, and decreasing the cooling time by several times over stationary cooling.

    The rotation also allows the sand to mix, preventing portions of the sand from being buried and cooling extremely slowly. Between the exposure of a larger surface air and the mixing process, it is possible to cut the cooling time from hours to minutes.

    Gauges inside the rotary drum control the temperature of the material during the process. This can allow for fine-tuning efficiency, and provides for quality control and a more consistent product. Rotary coolers are very versatile, and can be used for a variety of bulk materials, including sand, manure, gravel, industrial waste, sludge and a variety of minerals and ores.

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    H&P Rotary Cooler in plant

    Heyl & Patterson offers state-of-the-art, custom engineered rotary coolers that are designed to a customer's specifications, creating a system that is the perfect fit for a company's needs. Our company has been in the thermal processing industry for over 125 years, and that is reflected in the quality of the products we offer.

    To learn more about Heyl & Patterson Rotary Coolers, click here:

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    Heyl & Patterson Celebrates 125 Years in Business

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