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Thread: Pneumatic Conveying of Sikron m300

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    Pneumatic Conveying of Sikron m300

    we would like to convey SIKRON M300 (product specs. on
    A blower sucks it out of the hold of a ship by a 6' hydraulic manipulated arm into two small vessels (bins). Length of sucking: 10 metres. From the vessels the product will be pneumatically conveyed through a 6' discharging pipe (appx. 120 metres). estimating capacity 60 tons/hour.
    It's a well known system (f.i. Fuller Kovako road mobiles) for cement and fly-ash, however I don't have experience with the product (Sikron M300) itself. Are there comparable products? Fly-ash?
    Is there a danger that particle sizes change because of using this conveying system? Now silotrucks blow it through a 4' pipe at 2 bar pressure, 90 tons/hour without quality loss. Length of pipe: 40metres
    Does anyone have experience on this field or can someone give me a more scientific explanation in order to convince the manufacturer?

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    seagull Guest

    Pneumatic conveying Sikron m300

    Your application is similar to one where cement is loaded in open hatches of ships. If product is coveyed by airslide, you can use extendable below system with dust collector mounted on airslide platfoem. If you are using pnumatic conveying, you may be able to use CEMAG Classifer cyclones

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    Yes, it is possible have dust free loading provided your loading chutes are equipped with a vacuum type dust collection system.

    Amrit Agarwal
    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

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