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Thread: Dustfree Open Hatch Loading

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    Dustfree open hatch loading

    are there possibilities for dustfree loading of SIKRON M300 (product specs at in to a ship with partially open hatches?
    The product flows out of a silo via an airslide.
    I was thinking to use a 'skirted' loading spout, wich is lowered to the bottom of the ship as much as possible, then rising when product rises in the hold. This to reduce dust formed by the chute of the product.
    Loading capacity can economically be reduced to f.i. 80 tons/hour in order to reduce dust formed by the conveying.
    Any suggestions or experiences with the handling of this product or look-a-like?
    Erik Pauwels

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    capotex Guest
    If it is transported with a standard belt conveyor, our covers would be very helpful.

    Please, visit

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    Reinhard Matye Guest

    ship loading

    We at DCL successfully load materials such as cement, slag and koalin clay into open ships. Please refer to our web site

    The correct operation of our equipment requires that the discharge skirt maintains contact with the product pile. We automatically raise the spout as the pile grows by monitoring the pile with probes.

    It should be noted that our spout will require connection to a dust collector for propoer dust control. We do offer free standing and integral dust collectors also discussed on our web site.

    PLease feel free to contact DCL for a detailed equipment proposal

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    Telescoping loading spouts are commonly used to load open containers such as trucks, railcars and barges as well as for open stockpiles. Dust collection connections are provided as well as level detection devices for auto raising of the spout to keep the spout skirt in contact with the material.

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    ship loading M300

    Dustfree shiploading can be done with our loading bellow.
    We made them till a length of 12 meters.
    A semsor detects the height of the product and it lifts automaticly together with the pile. A skirt will stay on the pile all the time to cover it up and close it.
    With a dustfilter at the top of the loading bellow there will hardly now emission of dust.

    We can show existing installations and mak ea firm offer if you want.

    Jur Lommerts
    Jansen & Heuning Bulk Handling Systems
    Duinekerkenstraat 11
    9723 BN Groningen
    tel.: + 31 50 3126 448

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    DKStephenson Guest

    Dust Free Open Hatch Loading

    Please visit our website Have a great day!

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    V Hoskins Guest
    Goyen Controls is not specialised in hatch unloading. However we do make dust emission monitors suitable for such applications. You can check this out on our home page Please contact me on if you require further information.
    Best regards
    Veronica Hoskins
    Area Sales Manager
    Goyen Controls UK
    A Division of Tyco Flow Control Ltd
    3b Beechwood
    Chineham Business Park
    Basingstoke RG24 8WA
    Tel direct: 00 44 12 56 306 895
    Fax: 00 44 12 56 843 164
    Mobile: 00 44 77 68 871 636

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