At this year's Powder Show, GMF Gouda will be featuring our abilities to Upgrade and Revise existing Drum Dryers and Drum Coolers (flakers).

Learn how to bring your existing machines back up to full production capacity with simple upgrades and adjustments. See how the latest control schemes can be adapted to older machines to help automate your operation.

Many new components can be used to revise older machines; roller bearings instead of the sleeve-type bearings, new knife holder designs that eliminate the set-screw adjusters, precise and repeatable drum gap adjusting systems - either manual or automatic, drum refinishing or new drums for replacement. We can supply either fabricated steel drums or cast iron replacements to fit your existing machine.

Thursday, May 6th, you are invited to attend our Revisions & Upgrades seminar, to be held in the Holiday Inn across from the Rosemont convention center. You will get a half day of intense information regarding state-of-the-art techniques in drum drying and drum cooling.

Please reply via email if you would like an invitation to attend.
See you there.

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